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About The Canvas Print Studio (0)

Why choose us?
We have a professional approach to canvas photo printing - our priority is quality, not speed. We print at 2880dpi, whereas most other companies are using a quarter of this quality and printing at 720dpi. We offer three types of branded canvas media, each producing excellent results. We use inks that are guaranteed to last >75 years after being varnished. We use a color calibrated workflow to make sure all your colours are replicated in the best possible way. Our printers are driven by the EFI Colorproof XF package. We use museum grade Breathing Color Glamour II gloss varnish for all our canvas prints varnish - 2 coats, at no extra charge to enhance, preserve and protect your canvas prints for years. Your satisfaction is our priority. If you're not happy with your canvas, return it to us within 14 days for a refund (this excludes delivery costs).
When you submit anything for us to print, please make sure that you have the right to do so. We can not be held responsible for breaking any copyright laws when printed pictures supplied to us. We will only print it for you. We will never use your photographs without your express permission. We do store your file on our system in case you would like to order additional copies in the future. This file (s) can be deleted if this is what you prefer. Otherwise they will only be kept for some time as our disk space is also limited.

Delivery (0)

Free delivery/shipping charges?
Postage & Packaging is free on all orders within the UK Mainland, above £20. Here are additional charges for other areas: - £5 on orders below £20 - Scottish Highlands & Islands, Isle of Wight, Isle of Man - £10 - Northern Ireland - £7 - Remote Scottish Mainland - £5 We use APC Overnight couriers on most our parcels. International shipments depending on weight/size can be send via Royal Mail.
How long will it take for my canvas to arrive?
Canvas printing is a process that involves many steps. After you've placed your order, we still check each photo manually and assess its quality. Then we proceed with printing, varnishing, stretching over the frame, packing and sending. We aim to send your canvas within 3-5 working days. In most cases it is quicker than that. If you decide to pay by cheque, your canvas will be printed once the cheque has cleared.

Service (0)

What type of borders are available for canvas photo prints?
Part of the special charm of a photo on canvas is that the image can go 'around the edge', adding a whole new dimension as opposed to the standard, framed photo. However, please bear in mind that not every picture is suitable for it. As our frames are 38/188mm deep, there needs to be some extra image all the way around to be wrapped over. If the subject of the photo is too close to the edge: that means that it is going to be wrapped around. There is a number of ways to overcome this and our ordering system after image upload will produce a visual preview of how the print will be cropped. There are a number of options available for edges. The most popular is the photo wrap,where the image is wrapped around the stretcher bars. If there is not enough image to do that you can also use the mirrored edge or the white/black/colour edge option. Let’s imagine that you've sent us the photo on the left to print on canvas. Move your mouse over it to see how much of the picture will be wrapped around when it is printed onto 12”x16” canvas frame. Anything that is in the grey area will be wrapped around the frame, and this is the photo wrap. Now move your mouse over the second picture - this shows how parts of your picture may be mirrored, allowing all of your photo to appear on the front face of the canvas. Also note that not all pictures are suitable for mirrored edges: for example, when someone's face is close to the edges, it may not be appropriate option to have an eye or ear mirrored. Your picture can have any colour wrapped around the frame. This colour can either be taken from the picture itself or it can be any other of your choice. Another way to keep more of the picture on the front face of your canvas print is to select a bigger size - wrap size is always the same, regardless of the overall canvas size. For example, if your canvas is 400mm x 400mm, 10% will be wrapped around. If you select a canvas size twice as big, 800 mm x 800mm, only 5% of the image will be wrapped around the sides. Please refer to our 'Resolution Guide' to get an idea of how big your canvas print can be based on the chosen photo.
Although we use only genuine Epson inks which are guaranteed to last >75 years, we do not recommend hanging canvas in constant, direct sunlight. As your canvas print is made from natural ingredients it will respond to changes in humidity & temperature and may become saggy with time. If this happens, lightly tap the wedges. This will re-tighten the canvas on the frame. As all our canvases are varnished they are water resistant and can be wiped with a soft, damp cloth. Please do not use cleaning sprays or any other cleaning fluids. Also try to avoid putting too much pressure on the canvas.
Can you alter/retouch my photos ? (date stamp, red eyes)
Your photo is always checked by us. We will contact you if there are any problems. We will double check if the resolution of your picture is high enough for selected canvas prints size. We will also check if the wrap style you have selected will work with your photo. We can also do a retouch of your photo and remove 'red eyes' or date stamps. Please feel free to contact us with any other needs you may have. If there are any additional comments you want to make, this is available in the last step of the ordering process.
Do you send a proof?
Our canvas ordering system allows you to see a very good representation of how your image will fit onto your selected frame. Because of this, we do not send proofs by email. This way, your canvas prints can be produced and delivered more quickly. Please don't hesitate to put your requirements in the comments box if you would still like to receive a proof via email, or even a printed sample of your canvas. We can provide a section of your canvas printed at 100% of the final size and a miniature version of your canvas free of charge. If you would like to receive a sample prior to placing an order, please proceed with the order and skip payment but let us know in the comment box at the final stage of placing the order.
Can you use paper photos, negatives or slide?
Yes, we can scan your paper photos, negatives and slides. We can scan originals that are up to A3+ format (329x530mm). We have a high-end scanner that allows us to make virtually any magnification of your slides, negatives or traditionally developed photos. With all orders, scanning is free of charge. You can find our postal address in Contact Us section.
Do you do other sizes than listed?
Yes, we can produce any size with only limitation being 40 on a shorter side. Please note that this is our media maximum width, so finished canvas size can be up to 56''. Longer side can be up to 90. Please contact us if you need a quote for a longer canvas.
Will the colours be the same as on my monitor?
Different monitor settings, resolutions and computer configurations don't allow us to ensure that what you see on your computer screen is going to match exactly the colours printed on the canvas. There is a big difference in how a colour is created by monitors and how it looks when printed. We use sophisticated proofing software that directs our printers to get an exact reproduction of the colours on the canvas. We can offer a printed proof if necessary.

Trade (0)

Do you supply to trade/professionals?
We do offer our trade canvas printing service - with white label packaging, special discounts and payment terms. We are also flexible in the type of media used - if you'd like us to use any particular media of your choice. Please contact us for more information.